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About Weber Catering...

Hello, and welcome to the Weber Catering Family!  
Who ​is Weber Catering & Events?
Weber Catering is farm to table.  We have always been farm to table, farm to fork and so on all before it was a trend.   Weber catering and staff have roots and current enterprise in the agricultural community.  We credit our growth and first client base to our local agricultural community family.  We recognize the heart and dedication of our quality food supply source.

We are old fashioned with a modern spin!  From our work ethic to our quality of ingredients, preparations, and event fulfillment, we’re a little old fashioned.  This means we are blessed with an exceptional team that cares about their work and is dedicated to the success of yours!  We come to work with the desire to create delicious foods, coordinate successful events, and create your positive experience with enthusiasm.  
Our modern spin refers to both our creative spins on traditional cuisine to our distinctive and amazing company culture!    We are female owned and operated, believe that everyone has a gift and talent to offer and a human obligation to use those gifts for good in the world!  We have an amazingly low industry turnover rate due to this fantastic team culture! 

Weber Catering has been in business for over 24 years, with our roots and our family affiliates at Whiting Family Foods, Whiting Auction, and our USDA federally inspected meat plant.   We consider our ingredients, food safety and standard operating procedures above that of the industry average due to these affiliations. We purchase our meats direct from our family’s meat shop and smokehouse, and are proponents of supporting local business.   

Weber Catering is authentic.   We fulfill, on average over 1000 events and more than 40,000 guests annually! Weber Catering is licensed, insured, pays wages, taxes and is a legitimate business.    We are food safety certified and invest in our team with conferences and education in our industry.  We are members of the ICA International Caterers Association, our local chambers and community organizations.  Weber Catering is a supporter of 4H and FFA, and a member of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. 
Weber Catering as well as our staff as individuals are active members of our communities: in our churches, fire departments, schools, clubs, 4H clubs and community activities.
Weber Catering is a family.
We know our staff, and as part of the Weber Catering family, they come with integrity, talents, and gifts that fit our team philosophy.  Our clients are family. We have this great honor to be part of your major life events, and then be the recipients of a greater reward in acquiring new friends and members of the Weber Catering family.   

Welcome to the family.

Over 24 years in business, we have plenty at your disposal. We’ve had the distinct honor of serving one of our presidents, and several senators, congressmen, local politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities. We are looking forward to the distinct honor of serving YOU!